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11 months 2 weeks
Author: MarkAmann
The Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) hosted a regional full-scale exercise to test elements of a newly developed Concept of Operations (ConOps) for High Consequence Diseases (HCD). Exercise planners hoped to engage 16 participating health departments/districts as well as the Connecticut Virtual Operations Support Team (CT VOST) in practicing the new ConOps to coordinate Ebola-related response and information management activities. The CRCOG needed a way to add realism and mimic the high-stakes, high-profile environment of an Ebola outbreak.
1 year 4 days
Author: MarkAmann
United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) hosted Integrated Advance 2017 (IA17) to exercise strategic communications and public affairs coordination at the federal, state and local government levels during a mass migration operation. Exercise planners also hoped to evaluate the ability of participants to gather and exchange data, knowledge and information in a way that enabled timely and informed decision making.
1 year 6 days
Author: MarkAmann
EMERGENCY RESPONDERS IN northern Texas watch as an imaginary crisis takes over their social media feeds. A mass shooting has broken out at a music festival, they learn, and a terrorist organization is taking credit. The shooters livestreamed the entire grisly scene, and news outlets are already picking up the story. Word of the tragedy spreads like a virus online, riddled with misinformation and panicked confusion. But they know these social media posts might also offer potential clues as to where the perpetrators might be hiding out and which victims might need help where.
1 year 5 months
Author: MarkAmann
Exercise planners needed a systematic and realistic way to deliver ground truth about an active shooter event to more than 2,500 participants spread across the 16-county region.
1 year 5 months
Author: MarkAmann
Innovation Technology Today Magazine, a national magazine showcasing the latest cutting edge, innovative technologies and those individuals driving the industry forward, invited Nusura's Emily Norcross to author an article about putting technology to use in the fight against terror online. Read the piece over at InnoTech Today.
3 years 6 months
Author: Jim Chesnutt
map marker on smart phone
The idea of realistic web-based social simulation for crisis training and exercises was a pipe dream just a few years ago until Nusura, Inc. created SimulationDeck.
5 years 4 months
Author: MarkAmann
man using mobile device
Albert Einstein once said: “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Who can argue with that, especially when it comes to technology? Imagining how technology can fill a void is necessary when it comes to conceiving a new device or system.
5 years 5 months
Author: Michelle McGowen
Image of Vanderwagen
Dr. Vanderwagen has had extensive experience in disaster preparedness, response and recovery having been the lead federal health official in response to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ike and Gustav to name just a few.
5 years 6 months
Author: MarkAmann
Cameraman Chris standing in alley

Chris is a wonderful camerman, editor and video producer, and an all around great guy. He worked as part of the mock media crew for Indiana Department of Homeland Security's "Without Warning" exercise.

5 years 7 months
Author: Jim Chesnutt
As the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approached, I began to wonder if the truth about New Orleans residents shooting at rescuers and helicopters had ever really been told. A quick Google search turned up some old stories related to Associated Press accounts of residents shooting at helicopters, but nothing matched exactly what I saw and heard when I was there.