We're hiring a Communications Director for the Nurture Science Program at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC)


Nusura Inc. is now accepting applications for a staff placement with the Nurture Science Program at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) in New York City, New York. The position is expected to begin mid to late April 2018. The successful candidate will begin the placement as an independent contractor with the opportunity to transition to a full-time salaried position. This position is located in New York City, New York.

About Nusura:

Nusura, Inc. is a specialized consulting firm that offers nationally recognized subject matter expertise in program development and management and strategic communications for nonprofit organizations, government organizations, and private companies. Our team includes many of the most experienced communications practitioners in the nation.

Nationally we are best known for crisis communications in preparedness and response to large-scale emergencies and disasters, however our work in support of nonprofit organizations was, and continues to be, the foundation of our practice. Nusura communications experts have worked in the field in leadership positions at local, state and federal levels during some of the most challenging disasters and emergencies in recent history. This unique experience led to insights into how to develop effective communications that inform and influence broad and diverse audiences throughout society and the world. To learn more about Nusura, visit Nusura.com.

About The Nurture Science Program:

Nusura is currently supporting the Nurture Science Program (NSP) at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) in with strategic communication capability. The Nurture Science Program is an integrated research and treatment program focusing on revealing the mechanisms that account for the healing power of nurture and developing a new generation of biologically-based behavioral therapies that provide families with effective treatment strategies.

Nusura’s support includes development of a plan to support the Program’s internal and external communications. Importantly, the plan is designed to support the dissemination of the Family Nurture Intervention (FNI) and other future NSP tools and interventions. The project includes communications strategy, message development, spokesperson training, and creation of a comprehensive graphic design strategy including web sites, videos, fundraising presentations, FNI training products, brochures, and other creative products. To learn more about the Nurture Science Program visit nurturescienceprogram.org.

About the Position:

Reporting to Nusura’s Project Manager for the Nurture Science Program at CUMC, the Communications Coordinator will work between 30-40 hours a week and serve as the point person and coordinator for Nurture Science Program outreach and communications projects by assisting in development, maintenance, dissemination, and enhancement of all content elements and initiatives to ensure timely and consistent delivery of information and services to key audiences. This position is located in New York City, New York. This position is expected to become a full-time salaried position in the future.

Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Collaborating with key internal and external constituencies to assist in development and implementation of overall marketing and communication strategies for NSP to build awareness of Nurture Science Program efforts, including research involving the Family Nurture Intervention and efforts to validate and implement use of the Welch Emotional Connection Screen;
  • Overseeing the implementation and maintenance of efforts to document the historical nature of the work being performed at NSP including routinely recoding staff and collaborator interviews and maintaining a video, photo, and written product library. Occasional travel with Dr. Welch or staff may be required as part of this responsibility.
  • Serving as the liaison between Nusura Inc. and the NSP staff to identify and realize opportunities to grow and improve NSP internal and external communications
  • Assisting in the creation, deployment, maintenance, and enhancement of content for use in all NSP communications, including online and social media content that will support the NSP communications goals and strategy
  • Working with Nusura Inc. to oversee editing, reviewing and finalizing content of materials used to disseminate concepts and achievements of NSP, and also ensuring quality, consistency of voice and messaging, accuracy, timeliness, and agreed-upon style
  • Serving as point person for NSP’s website design, coordinating with Nusura Inc. to guide content and feature postings including the development and deployment of e-alerts and e-newsletters
  • Coordinating with NSP staff and Nusura’s Project Manager to ensure design needs are met
  • Coordinating with assigned Columbia University and CUMC communications staff and contract staff to support Nurture Science Programs media relations efforts
  • In conjunction with NSP Staff and Columbia Development, coordinating with key stakeholders and funders as appropriate and assisting in the creation of collateral materials for fundraising efforts
  • Supporting stakeholder outreach and communication efforts to include the development and maintenance of an outreach calendar and stakeholder database
  • Coordinating with Nusura’s Project Manager and NSP staff to support local “field building efforts” and stakeholder engagement
  • Regularly monitoring the look, feel, functionality, and quality of all communications products
  • Providing internal communication support to the NSP staff to include reviewing internal communications processes, then recommending and implementing improvements; as well as maintaining situational awareness of all aspects of the program and fostering internal coordination of efforts
  • Compiling meeting summaries for NSP and Nusura, and supporting NSP reporting requirements for funders and other stakeholders
  • Providing spokesperson training and coaching for NSP staff as needed
  • Performing other tasks as necessary and required

Required Qualifications:

  • Requires a bachelor's degree or equivalent in education and experience, plus a minimum of three (3) years of related experience in a communications or editorial/ publishing environment
  • The successful candidate will have experience in online content development and dissemination tools and channels (i.e., websites, e-newsletters, multimedia, webinars, social media, etc.). Strong writing and editing skills are required for this role, including line-editing experience and the ability to shape and improve content conceptually and repackage material for multiple uses
  • The Communications Coordinator will possess excellent organizational and project management skills and have the ability to work both independently and collaboratively. S/He will have the proven ability to handle multiple tasks, perform well under pressure, prioritize responsibilities, and meet deadlines and objectives. Clear, strong and effective oral and written communication skills are a must for this role
  • The successful candidate will also have outstanding relationship management expertise and a proven track record of successfully engaging with a diverse group of stakeholders with varying backgrounds, perspectives, motivations and goals

Preferred Qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism or a related field is strongly preferred
  • Communications or editorial experience with a specialization in health and/or the healthcare field is a plus for this position. Experience with online content management systems is also preferred
  • Three (3) to five (5) years of experience in media relations would be very beneficial for this role
  • Familiarity with professional video and audio recording and production would be beneficial
  • Familiarity with standard style manuals (e.g., AP, Chicago, AMA, or CSE) is also a plus
  • Three (3) to five (5) years of experience working with non-profit organizations, academic institutions, research groups or other similar organizations
  • Experience with fundraising campaigns would also be beneficial


The successful candidate will begin the placement as an independent contractor with the opportunity to transition to a full-time salaried position. Nusura offers competitive compensation for independent contractors and competitive salaries and benefits packages for full-time employees.

To Apply:

To apply, please submit your cover letter and resume to hiring@nusura.com no later than March 26.