Crisis and Emergency Preparedness

Experience and innovation combine to change the way we prepare for crises and emergencies

Nusura staff and associates have served in leadership positions on more than 200 disaster response operations around the world. This experience is at the heart of everything we do.

We deeply value education and training, but we consider it a complement to real-world experience. Not a substitute. Nusura offers comprehensive emergency preparedness services for government, military, private sector and non-governmental organizations. We provide analysis, assessments, planning, policy development, training and SimulationDeck-based exercises.

Nusura also offers professional services and consulting based on decades of planning and response and recovery operations in the United States, with NATO partner countries, with US and foreign militaries, and with humanitarian aid organizations throughout the world.

We understand that all emergencies are local events, even if they reverberate globally. That’s why we pioneered a grassroots approach to community and stakeholder engagement that is now used throughout the industry.

To help our clients prepare and train for critical incidents, we created SimulationDeck, which has transformed the crisis and emergency training and exercise world. Today SimulationDeck is the standard training and exercise platform for federal agencies, military entities, state and local government, the nuclear industry, universities, airlines, oil companies and FORTUNE 500 companies.

Our focus on providing the most highly experienced practitioners and backing them up with new, cutting edge technology has been the foundation of our success.

Strategic Communications

Nusura staff members have led crisis communications efforts for many of the most challenging incidents in recent history.

Nusura staff members have led crisis and emergency communications efforts for many of the most challenging incidents in recent history. While working as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) staff, Nusura team members helped lead risk and crisis communications and external affairs efforts for the federal government’s response to more than 200 disasters, from the attacks on the World Trade Center to hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and tornadoes.

Our staff have supported crisis communications planning for FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security, US Department of Health and Human Services, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Secret Service, US Coast Guard, US Forest Service, and local and state agencies throughout the US.

We know that during an emergency timely, accurate, coordinated and accessible information is as important as food and shelter. Nusura helps its clients lay the groundwork today to be able to communicate effectively when it matters most - when lives may hang in the balance.

As the industry leader, Nusura is helping public safety organizations, military entities and major companies leverage social and digital media before, during and after critical incidents. A lot of companies say they are social media experts; we actually created SimulationDeck, the new standard for internet and social media emulation used by local, state and federal agencies, NGOs, the US Military, and private sector companies throughout the world.

    Contact us to discuss your strategic communications planning, training, and exercise needs including:

    • Communications plan assessments that include a gap analysis process based on best practices research
    • Plan development
    • Strategic communications and crisis communications consulting
    • Education and outreach program development
    • Media relations consulting
    • ESF 15 training and exercises
    • Spokesperson training and exercises
    • Joint Information Center / Joint Information System training and exercises
    • Social media strategies
    • Photo, video and multimedia products to support communication efforts
    • Staff augmentation / surge staff support

Management Consulting

Disruption, reinvention and radically shifting paradigms are the new normal. We can help.

Remember when the question was, “Who Moved My Cheese?” We liked that book and still do, but today disruption, re-invention and radically shifting paradigms are the new normal.

How does an organization survive, let alone thrive when the winds of change blow in all directions, seemingly all the time? Nusura believes in a combination of leveraging new technologies to power the analysis of organizational problems coupled with a high-touch, human approach to inspire staff and management to dream up and propose potential solutions fearlessly. Our experience managing hundreds of crises and disasters gives us a unique perspective on how to manage change and optimize organizational performance, all while preventing crises from occurring.

Often organizations stick with minor tweaks on the tried-and-true, when what’s really called for is an entirely new approach. Sound a little too radical? Really, it’s not. Nusura has a proven track record of working with organizations large and small to retain their carefully cultivated history, culture and reputation, and make the necessary changes to policies, procedures and strategies to meet the needs of today’s world.

Central to all of our work in this area is a focus on creating and maintaining positive and inspiring organizational cultures. But how do you make your staff members feel that they are part of something important? How do you make them feel valued? And how do you motivate people to continue to learn and to grow? We can help.

Nusura is one of the nation's top emergency management consulting firms. Find out how our solutions can help your organization.

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Program Development and Management

We can help your organization dream big, and execute bold programs.

We believe effective programs propel significant, strategic change. It is not enough to complete a list of tasks and check boxes; we want to help our clients achieve their boldest goals.

There are a lot of moving pieces in a well-designed, well-run program, but that does not mean it has to be clumsy, expensive or inefficient. All major programs represent a significant investment of time, money and your staff’s attention…so those outcomes better be good.

Nusura can help you in all phases of program development, from dreaming/envisioning to mature program operation and management. We can help you estimate costs of implementation, as well as ongoing operations, and balance that with the anticipated benefits to be gained. We’ll also help you anticipate challenges and the associated risks and actively mitigate them.  

Stakeholder analysis and engagement is one of our specialties. We can help you identify individual concerns and people who need a little extra attention. Properly managing relationships with key stakeholders requires consistent, carefully coordinated communications. We have the experience, the tools and most importantly the sincere desire to help our clients succeed.

Creative Services

Bits and bytes are the new black.

Navigating the digital world has never been more important, and this is especially true for those responsible for managing emergencies. Not only is Nusura leveraging technology to innovate industries, but we can also help you to deliver key messages to a digital audience.

Bits and bytes are the new black. Our in-house multimedia studio and technology development groups produce cutting edge creative products covering the spectrum from video and motion graphics to web sites, eLearning products, training simulations and robust web-based and mobile applications.

Nusura's studio features some of the best in the creative business. Our agile team of multimedia producers, writers, videographers, photographers, designers, application developers and E-learning experts can help you engage your audience with cutting edge interactivity.

Nusura develops web-based, interactive applications that help you focus your planning efforts and make planning documents come to life. Nusura's in-house creative studio produces compelling interactive training modules and applications that engage learners with the latest in interactive multimedia.

Services offered by Nusura's creative studio include:

  • Interactive E-learning applications
  • Agile Software Application Development
  • Video and film production
  • Broll and photo packages
  • Web design and development
  • Print and graphic design

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