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Project Managers

Junior associate and senior associate levels

Nusura is now accepting applications for project managers and planners, trainers, and exercise specialists to manage a variety of emergency preparedness projects for Nusura’s defense, civilian, commercial, and NGO clients, including Fortune 500 companies and local-, state-, and federal-level government agencies. Positions are available nationwide.

Qualified applicants will have experience managing crisis and emergency preparedness projects and programs that may include the following:

  • Large emergency response planning initiatives with numerous and diverse stakeholders
  • Planning and facilitating trainings and workshops
  • Planning, executing, and evaluating tabletop, functional, and full-scale exercises
  • Intra- or interagency initiatives related to emergency public health, emergency transportation, emergency operations, emergency planning for people with access and functional needs, emergency public information, or other emergency support functions

Roles and Responsibilities

Project managers are responsible for developing and managing a broad spectrum of crisis and emergency preparedness projects. Core roles for this position include the following:

  • Planning, prioritizing, organizing, and following through on a variety of tasks, projects, and reports
  • Developing, planning, and executing projects that meet Nusura’s exceptional standards of quality and excellence
  • Providing surge support for other project managers (e.g. exercise simulation staffing, writing support on plan development or critical communications projects, etc.)
  • Supporting Nusura’s response to data calls, proposal and work statement development, etc.


In addition to the highest standards of personal professionalism, consummate work ethic, drive, and unreserved commitment to performance quality, the following skills and experience are preferred:

  • MEP, PMP, or CEM (senior-level positions)
  • Previous experience in emergency management or Homeland Security and a comprehensive understanding of the National Response Framework, NIMS, and HSEEP concepts and principles
  • Previous experience developing planning, training, and exercise documentation
  • Previous experience in business and contract development related to crisis and emergency preparedness projects
  • Personal identification and alignment with our corporate culture and values and a desire to advance Nusura’s mission and business objectives
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and customer service skills
  • Good technical, formal, and informal writing proficiency
  • Technological aptitude (i.e. willingness and ability to quickly learn and utilize software programs)
  • Ability to efficiently manage time and workload, including planning, prioritizing, organizing, and following through on a variety of tasks, assignments, projects, and reports
  • Ability to adapt management and communications styles to meet the needs of clients in different industries (e.g. Fortune 500, defense, local, state, and federal agencies, etc.)

Open positions at Nusura fill quickly. Apply now.



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