Supporting the Nurture Science Program


Nusura provides communication strategy and creative products to support Nurture Science Program at Columbia Irving University Medical Center in dissemination of groundbreaking research and theories that are shifting the paradigm of beliefs about how nurture affects child development.

  • The Challenge

    The Nurture Science Program (NSP) at Columbia University Medical Center is leading groundbreaking work, combining basic science and clinical research to understand the powerful biological mechanisms of nurture and its effect on child development. NSP’s findings present a paradigm shift. Effectively sharing these new ideas that contradict strongly established ways of thinking is complex, and can be challenged and criticized.

    NSP needed a partner to frame an effective narrative to meet the needs of various audiences — from researchers and clinicians to funders, families, and critics.

  • The Approach

    The NSP leveraged Nusura’s experts in strategic communications, public health, science communications, and creative services in the collaborative development of public-facing materials. This included the NSP’s website, presentations for scientific conferences, and materials to share with potential collaborators and funders, including video, photography, and graphic design multimedia. Nusura consulted with NSP leadership, staff, and key collaborators to maintain a complete understanding of the program’s work and evolving project needs, and to identify and mitigate challenges in communication. This included spokesperson training, media relations support, and crisis communications support.

  • The Results

    Nusura helped the NSP begin to share its research in actionable ways. With Nusura’s support, the NSP developed strong collaborative relationships with researchers, clinicians, and funding partners who have made important research and training work possible. Nusura guided the process for sharing NSP’s work through nationally broadcast media stories on the PBS NewsHour and National Public Radio’s Here and Now.

With Nusura’s support, the NSP developed strong collaborative relationships with researchers, clinicians, and funding partners.

Nusura continues to provide strategic planning and communications support to the NSP on a routine basis, allowing for further dissemination of NSP’s theories and findings. The NSP and Nusura team continue to coordinate multiple projects, developing a clear and consistent approach to explaining its work, and identifying opportunities to improve team communication as efforts evolve.



“Nusura brings comprehensive and wide-ranging experience in communications that has greatly elevated the professionalism of our organization. In addition to this, the Nusura team has brought objective, creative solutions to our communication needs."

Robert Ludwig, Associate Director
Columbia Nurture Science Program