SimulationDeck Recreates Petya/NotPetya for Training


Kapersky Lab broke the news of Petya/NotPetya on Twitter, providing initial updates about countries affected and alleging that the ransomware was an enhanced strain of Petya. Nusura wanted to learn more about the role of Social media during the Petya/NotPetya cyber-attack and used SimulationDeck to build a time-lapse simulation of the information environment.

Cyberspace is the new theater of war. Preparedness and practice are critical.

Organizations need cyberattack response plans that include protocols for leveraging the information environment both as an intelligence gathering and decision-making tool, and as a communications platform. Plans must be validated and teams trained to execute the plans proficiently in order to promote organizational resiliency.

Social media and the increasingly important role played by the information environment is changing the way organizations understand and respond to emergencies and crises of all kinds. As the information environment continues to evolve, teams must be well prepared and practiced at engaging with this dynamic digital ecosystem in order to successfully confront and manage future crises.