Transformative solutions, designed by combining lessons of past experience with the innovation of new and emerging technologies.

Nusura helps clients tackle some of the globe’s most complex problems across every sector: national defense and cybersecurity; federal, state, and local disaster planning, response, and recovery; corporate and national operational and economic resilience; and childhood developmental challenges.

  • public

    Public Sector

    Emergency management planning and assertive messaging underscore the effective solutions we develop and execute for our partners in local, state, tribal, and federal agencies. Our team of experts has decades of real-world experience that guides a decisive approach.

  • defense


    Our team is experienced in working at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels across a wide range of military operations, including cyberspace and the information environment. This includes online media, connected hardware devices, associated metadata, and more. Our subject matter experts in national security, information strategy, and intelligence partner with our customers to achieve their objectives.

  • international


    Our global experience enables us to work effectively across diverse cultures. We work with our international customers to build innovative initiatives ranging from complex program development and management to strategic communications, preparedness, and resiliency programs.

  • commercial


    Our private-sector customers rely on our team’s expertise to identify and address gaps in corporate preparedness, resilience, and business continuity. We help businesses large and small build cutting-edge solutions that reduce vulnerability, enhance operational effectiveness, and increase the bottom line.

  • ngo

    Non-Government Organizations

    Nusura has a long track record of supporting nonprofit organizations that work to improve the lives of individuals around the globe. Our team is passionate about working alongside the NGOs and nonprofit organizations that trust us to help them build a better, safer, more resilient future.

Nusura works across the public and private sectors, as well as with the military and non-governmental organizations, to apply the lessons of past experience with the innovation of new and emerging technologies to solve a wide range of complex problems.

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