Products & Services

  • Crisis & Emergency Preparedness

    Nusura offers comprehensive emergency preparedness services for government, military, private sector, and non-governmental organizations. We provide analysis, assessments, planning, policy development, training and SimulationDeck-based exercises.

  • Strategic Planning

    Our deep experience preventing and managing crises uniquely equips us to strategically plan programs and initiatives of all sizes and applications, identifying risk and vulnerability that others might not see. These plans are built through close collaboration.

  • Defense Information Strategy & Exercise Support

    Our subject matter experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience for information strategies necessary to inform, influence, persuade, deter, or intimidate our adversaries in order to meet strategic objectives at home and abroad.

  • Strategic Communications

    Nusura staff members have led crisis communications efforts for many of the most challenging incidents and rewarding initiatives in recent history. We help our clients lay the groundwork today to be able to communicate effectively when it matters most.

  • Creative Services

    Presentation matters. Our in-house creative team produces products from graphic design to eLearning to application development to feature-length documentaries to mobile- and web-based applications.

  • SimulationDeck

    SimulationDeck is a private, accessible, cloud-based application that powers training and exercises by replicating the Internet, including social media applications (blogs, microblogs, video sharing sites) and traditional media sites (TV, radio, print). We'd love to show you more about SimulationDeck.

  • Technological Innovation

    Technological innovation is at our core. Nusura develops proprietary, cutting-edge technologies like SimulationDeck, and works closely with our customers to create cloud-based software, e-learning applications, and other mission-critical technological solutions.

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