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What is SimulationDeck?

SimulationDeck is the world’s leading cloud-based exercise planning, modeling, and simulation platform. This private, accessible, cloud-based and deployable application powers training and exercises by replicating the Internet. At its heart is unprecedented realism, including robust internet and media simulation capabilities, with exercise planning, design, and control tools that make life easier for planners. SimulationDeck powers public- and private-sector exercises of all sizes, from small, local tabletops to full-scale exercises spanning multiple continents, and all mission and practice areas including emergency response and recovery, intelligence, security, law enforcement, military operations, education, public health, cyber, corporate crises and more.

Information Environment

SimulationDeck replicates the Information Environment and includes analogs to traditional news outlets, social media platforms, and other web-based technologies to provide open source intelligence players can use to develop situational awareness, enhance operational decision-making, and better inform public communications and messaging.

How it Works

SimulationDeck is designed to make training and exercise management easier for planners, from design to improvement planning. Using SimulationDeck, you can register participants, build and manage your scenario and major events, track injects, share resources, coordinate with all your controllers, and document player performance in real time.

“I had the opportunity to participate in an active shooter tabletop exercise at the Dover International Speedway and utilize the SimulationDeck software. Many agencies have not had the chance to practice/simulate a crisis situation on social media. SimulationDeck allows this to happen without causing panic or confusion to the public. I was thoroughly impressed by the platform, the interaction, and the real-time updates. This is exactly what would occur in a real-life crisis situation. Being able to see what “victims and media” are saying real-time in the scenario and address them without pulling manpower from the scenario is absolutely priceless.”

Lieutenant Mark Hoffman
City of Dover, DE Police Department

“During our exercise, SimulationDeck added an invaluable sense of realism. Users considered the tool to be effective in replicating the wide-ranging attitudes, opinions, and sentiments routinely expressed by a wide spectrum of users commonly encountered in present-day sources of public information. The tool made it possible for communicators to exercise the review, evaluation, and analysis of simulated public interest and reaction to their public information efforts. It has the capability to illuminate potential areas of communication concern and refine communication strategies.”

Richard Crusan
Executive Officer/Plans & Operations Specialist,
U.S. Southern Command

"The SimulationDeck platform and mock media crews provided realistic opportunities for public information officers and other emergency management and response personnel to practice crisis response at a high level. IDHS greatly appreciated the professionalism and flexibility exhibited throughout the exercise and planning phases by all SimulationDeck personnel. It went a long way toward making the exercise a tremendous success for Indiana." 

Joe Wainscott
Executive Director (former)
Indiana Department of Homeland Security

“SimulationDeck was a very practical tool during our Region Emergency Management exercise. It provides real-life information sharing and functionality. Our Communication/Marketing Vice President found the software engaging on multiple levels. The deliverables/injects were real-time which enabled us to manage the exercise seamlessly.”

John R. D’Orazio
Director of Security, Emergency Management, and Valet Services
Eastern Connecticut Health Network

“During past exercises our attempts at mock media play either through a SimCell or face-to-face were woefully inadequate, never yielding sufficient outputs to identify strengths or areas of improvements for our exercise participants. With the use of SimulationDeck for our High Consequence Disease exercise, our participating organizations received outstanding simulation media play and injects from media professionals.”

Carmine Centrella
Program Director, Capitol Region Metropolitan Medical Response System


Security Compliance

SimulationDeck was built to meet the strict requirements of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. SimulationDeck is SSAE-16 SOC 2 Type II certified (available upon request) and our data center goes through rigorous security and process checks, similar to sites that are hosting credit card information.

24/7 Technical Support

SimulationDeck is monitored around the clock by a team of expert system administrators who anticipate and mitigate potential problems. SimulationDeck’s technical support team is also available to troubleshoot, answer questions, and provide user guidance 24/7/365.

Service Delivery Compliance

SimulationDeck complies with all federal and defense service delivery requirements, is guaranteed accessible and functional more than 99% of the time, and has successfully powered national level exercises, exercises spanning continents, and military exercises with more than 15,000 participants. SimulationDeck’s infrastructure routes every network connection between 4 network providers, which guarantees that every SimulationDeck network connection is always available.

508 Compliance

Nusura designed SimulationDeck as an accessible application for use by the whole community. Our software complies with federal standards for accessible electronic communication. Regular testing and validation by Nusura’s development team ensures compliance is maintained. Nusura frequently tests SimulationDeck’s codebase using the World Wide Web Consortium, the main international standards organization for the Internet. Additionally, Nusura staff test SimulationDeck using JAWS, a leading screen reader software.

Content Import

Additionally, SimulationDeck facilitates the building and rapid deployment of custom training scenarios with SimulationDeck Content Import. This feature allows planners to design training and exercise events with a spreadsheet and upload it into SimulationDeck for rapid and repeated use of that training scenario.

Application Program Interface

SimulationDeck integrates with social media analytics programs, situational awareness applications and other incident management tools which can consume SimulationDeck data through its Application Program Interface.

SimulationDeck Prepares Every Industry

Public Information & Warning

Organizations across the country use SimulationDeck to refine their emergency communications strategies and messages before releasing content to stakeholders or the public. The platform allows users to simulate their use of social media in an emergency, including how they post information, reference official statements, publish messages, and respond to the public.

Emergency Response

Social media is far too prevalent now for disaster response organizations to ignore. What is posted via social media very often drives operational decision making, changing the way we respond to an emergency. SimulationDeck mirrors real-world incidents, taking a page from actual events where people have used social media to reach out to first responders for help.


In today’s complex and aggressively dynamic information environment, superior information operations (IO) are critical to mission success. Training with SimulationDeck’s realistic, persistent training and simulation platform enhances mission effectiveness and gauges operational readiness across warfighting functions and staff sections.


Social media and cyberspace landscapes are continually evolving. SimulationDeck allows exercise planners to replicate, in real time, the public-facing, whole-of-nation response to cyber rumors, threats, and attack. SimulationDeck can also consume real-world data sets surrounding historical cyber or intelligence incidents for repurposing in the training environment.


In SimulationDeck, teams and forces learn to develop intelligence collections techniques to improve situational awareness and enhance operational decision-making. SimulationDeck’s OSINT information environment enables exercise controllers to evaluate the ability of training audiences  to identify and react to operationally-relevant intelligence.


SimulationDeck helps security-focused teams practice validating operational security, leveraging information related capabilities (IRCs) to gain superiority, and enhance Commander's decision making. Trainers use the platform to evaluate the readiness of individuals, teams and forces to engage and respond to threats in the Information Environment.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement personnel need realistically high-pressure, high-stakes training environments that reflect the realities of today’s information environment where terrorists and criminals broadcast their activities over live streaming video websites and victims post their locations to social media and wait for rescue. SimulationDeck brings these practice scenarios to life.

Public Health

Public Health exercise planners use SimulationDeck’s social media platforms, online broadcast and newspaper venues, blog pages and other Internet sites to simulate rapidly evolving, high-stakes, high profile disease outbreaks. These dynamic scenarios allow public health officials, hospitals, and other healthcare providers to practice coordinating SOPs and public messaging.

Corporate Crisis

In this 21st Century social information environment, one negative post by a customer can degrade the market value of a multi-billion dollar company in minutes. Every company has an urgent need to be better prepared to address this new realities and protect its bottom line without compromising corporate operations. SimulationDeck helps business stay ready.

Universities & Education

University administrators and educators are using SimulationDeck to prepare for campus-wide emergencies as well as bring classroom courses to life. SimulationDeck helps prepare Universities to effectively communicate life-saving information in an emergency. After using SimulationDeck in the classroom, students in business, marketing, communications and journalism graduate with a social media crisis response certification

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